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On-Site Repairs
We Repair All Manufacturers HVPS
Improve Performance of your Current System or Supply

On-Site Repairs

Smart High Voltage Solutions has the ability to provide on-site repairs. Complex systems can often provide a challenge to even the most talented service men. Components within a system often interact differently when tested individually. Testing a system in its normal operating environment is our specialty. We can diagnose even the most complex system problems at your facility in a cost effective manner.


We Repair ALL Manufacturers High Voltage Power Supplies

At Smart High Voltage Solutions we repair ALL manufacturers precision high voltage power supplies. A high voltage power supply can be returned for evaluation. We will then contact you with pricing before we go ahead with the repair.


Improve Performance of Your Current System or Supply

Smart High Voltage Solutions has the ability to improve the performance of your existing high voltage system or modular supply. We can improve ripple, drift, stability, increase output voltage, decrease output voltage. Any performance parameter can be modified to your requirement. Contact us directly for your needs.



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